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Episode Title:
Ninth Coffin.
Episode Description:
Seishin accompanies Toshio in the clinic at night to spot for any vampires who may attack Setsuko. Toshio speculates to Seishin about how the vampires attack and drink the victim's blood, and how they may use a type of narcotic to prevent them from speaking out. After a fruitless night, Setsuko's condition seems to be stable. Toshio meets his mother and his wife, Kyoko, both of them noticing he's exhausted. The next night, Ritsuko goes to the clinic to give Toshio and Seishin some food while they stay overnight, but encounters the revived Nao. Toshio tells Seishin of his intent to dissect the vampire if they catch one, much to the monk's dismay. Their conversation is interrupted when Setsuko wakes up by herself and tells someone she's here. Toshio and Seishin open the window and witness Nao, who's a vampire staring at them. As Nao leaves, Toshio shouts at her that she will never enter his clinic without permission. In the morning, Setsuko gets better and remembers dreaming of Nao calling her. Meanwhile, Kyoko meets Tatsumi outside the clinic. At night, Toshio and Seishin watch over Setsuko again but this time the clinic's electricity goes out. While Seishin goes to switch on the generator, Setsuko is compelled by Nao to leave and meet her. Toshio tries to stop her but is knocked down by Tatsumi, who introduces himself. Seishin sees a whole bunch of vampires outside, but unable to attack him. As vampires can only be invited, Tatsumi grabs Setsuko, telling Toshio that they have been ordered not to harm him yet. Setsuko is sucked of all blood by the waiting Nao and the other vampires in a feeding frenzy. Toshio grieves for Setsuko while blaming himself for being unable to save her. As the vampires leave, they notice Megumi is not with them. Tatsumi replies that he knows where she went.

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