SK8 the Infinity Episode 4 English Dubbed


Watch full SK8 the Infinity Episode 4 English Dubbed streaming online. SK8 the Infinity Episode 4 English dub online for free in HD. Adam accepts Reki's challenge on the condition Langa races if he wins. Reki and Langa learn from Joe that Adam is the founder of S. Despite Miya, Joe, and Langa's advice to withdraw the challenge, Reki decides to pursue it anyway. During the race, Adam gives Reki a head start and pulls him into a dangerous dance. As Reki loses hope, Langa inspires him to perform a railslide, a trick he learned from Miya, on one of the turns. After passing Reki, Adam performs his love hug, where he turns around and skates uphill towards Reki, causing the latter to panic, fall off his skateboard, and lose.

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