Solar Opposites Season 2 Episode 1 - The Sacred Non-repeating Number


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Episode Title:
The Sacred Non-repeating Number.
Episode Description:
The family (now dubbed the Solar Opposites by Terry) finally repair their ship. Only Korvo is glad to leave, so when the ship breaks down because Terry had packed too many useless things, the rest of the family is happy about being stuck on Earth again. The Solar Opposites discover other Schlorpians in London. Terry and Jesse are disheartened by the new aliens, who live underground and hide from humans, but Korvo decides to join them, enjoying their rigid adherence to Schlorpian custom. However, he feels under them when he forgets the holy number, and the new aliens ask him to handle menial tasks like Korvo once did to Terry. Back in the U.S., Jesse and Terry ruin the house in Korvo's absence, with Jesse adopting a high-maintenance elderly dog...

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