Soul Eater Not! Episode 1 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Enrolling at the DWMA!.
Episode Description:
Upon discovering that she can transform into a weapon, Tsugumi Harudori transfers to the Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA) in Death City in order to learn how to control her powers. Whilst struggling to climb the many steps leading up to the DWMA, Tsugumi is helped out by one of the students, Maka Albarn, who encourages her to reach the top, with a beautiful view of the city as her reward. Tsugumi soon arrives at the freshman reception for the DWMA's NOT class, where she makes friends with absent-minded meister Meme Tatane. With the freshmen tasked to find a partner, Maka and her weapon partner, Soul Eater, are brought in to give a demonstration. Following the reception, Tsugumi decides to follow Maka's example and stands up for Meme when she is hit on by delinquents trying to coerce her into being their partner. Noticing the situation, another meister named Anya Hepburn decides to stand up to the delinquents by herself. With some encouragement from her teacher, Sid, Tsugumi manages to find her resolve and transforms into her weapon form, a halberd with a blunt edge, helping Anya to fight off the delinquents. After the fight, both Meme and Anya express their desire to become Tsugumi's partner.

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