Soul Eater Not! Episode 6 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
This is a Real Fight!.
Episode Description:
Tsugumi and the others get a bad impression from the Thompson sisters, Liz and Patty, who are working at Deathbucks whilst on probation, having spent most of their childhood living on the streets of Brooklyn. When they run into the sisters later that day, Anya prepares to stand against them with Tsugumi, but is outmatched by their ability to both transform into pistols. While Anya and Meme avoid going to the café, Tsugumi keeps going there every day in the hopes of standing up to the sisters and ordering a pilaf. When one of the customers gets upset with Patty for her rude service, Liz attempts to punch him but Tsugumi steps in and takes the hit instead. The next day, after a brief run-in with meister Death the Kid, Tsugumi states how she has come to admire Liz and Patty's strength, also complimenting them on their coolness and beauty. With Tsumugi's friends returning to the café to join her, the Master explains to Liz and Patty how they have no need to be defiant as people in Death City can accept them for who they are. Meanwhile, as Sid, Akane, and Clay go to interview the Traitor suspect, they discover one of the guards has become a Traitor himself and murdered the suspect, leaving a message in blood reading "While you are sleeping, we keep moving."

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