Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 5 Menace from the Bottom of the World


Watch full Spider-Man 1967 Season 2 Episode 5 full HD online. Cartoon video Spider-Man 1967 Episode 25 online for free in HD. Menace from the Bottom of the World. Peter Parker is sent by J. Jonah Jameson to investigate claims by a seismologist that he has detected subterranean voices in an unknown language. Peter reluctantly carries out the assignment after seeing a rival reporter getting the plum job of investigating the disappearance of a bank. Upon hearing the underground voice transmissions at the seismology lab, Peter uses his spider-hearing to determine that these were the people responsible for making the bank disappear and they're plotting to take another one. Quickly donning his Spider-Man costume, Peter races to the next bank to be taken and sees the bank disappear into the ground. Spider-Man descends thousands of feet into the sinkhole left by the bank to investigate. He soon discovers the bank in a strange underground city inhabited by hairy, ape-like humanoids. Their leader sends the apes at Spider-Man but he evades them and seizes their leader. He discovers they are an escaped criminal called Mugs Reily who tunneled his way out of prison and has disguised himself as a Moleman to become their leader. When unmasked, the angry Molemen turn against him, and the banks are lifted back to the surface.

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