Squirrel and Hedgehog Episode 22 Searching For the Jewel Necklace


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Episode Title:
Searching For the Jewel Necklace.
Episode Description:
Note: A small retcon is present in the episode summary in which Geumsaegi, Juldarami and Jogjebi are abducted by a mystery helicopter, leading Jogjebi to lose his necklace prior to this episode's events. As Geumsaegi, Juldarami and Commander Jogjebi are captured, Geomeunjogjebi and Mangko look on in horror as they identify the helicopter being one of Flower Hill's. along with Oegwipali, they scream in frustration as it flies away. Aboard the helicopter, Geumsaegi and Juldarami quickly tend to Jogjebi to see if he is injured or needs further care. Noticing the pilot, Geumsaegi pulls a pistol on him and demands he identify himself, taking note of the strange device by his seat. The pilot, a mouse, calmly suggests they ask Jogjebi. Jogjebi, amused, verifies that the pilot was summoned by him and that he came from the Sturgeon Base. When Geumsaegi and Juldarami ask if that is where they are heading now, Jogjebi playfully scolds them not to as too many questions before asking Geumsaegi outright if they are truly Flower Hill spies...

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