Squirrel and Hedgehog Episode 7 The Secret of the Wolf Spider Cave


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Episode Title:
The Secret of the Wolf Spider Cave.
Episode Description:
As Field Mouse No. 6 prepares to fire, he is blocked by Scout Goseumdochi, and realising the jig is up, No.6 yields. Commander Jogjebi is watching the televised festival, annoyed that his plans haven't come to fruition only for a Mouse Guard to enter and inform him of No.6's arrest. In a fit of fury, and a possible consequence of his previously established fits brought on by an old concussion, Jogjebi twitches and collapses. The Island infirmary is alerted and the Nurses are confused that Jogjebi is hear and not at the festival, but are nonetheless tearful at his ill health. They quickly load him onto an ambulance and get him to a hospital...

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