Star Ocean EX Episode 5 English Dubbed


Watch Star Ocean EX Episode 5 English version online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Star Ocean EX Episode 5 English dubbed Air Slash, Rena, Claude, and Celine discover a sign pointing them in the direction of a town called Mars. Celnie tells them that this town is a town of Heraldic sorcerers like her. Then Celine notices a bog crawling on her hand and runs away. That is when Claude and Rena hear someone scream. They go see what the trouble is and find some bandits trying to steal a stagecoach full of children. While saving the children and their teacher, Rena and Claude meet an old friend of Rena's named Dias. Rena and Dias grew up in Arlia before he left and became a great swordsman. After making their way to the town of Mars, the town elder and the teacher thank them for saving the children. They tell Claude, Rena, and Dias that the bandits wanted to capture the children and use them as hostages to get the Book of Seals, which is a book filled with Heraldic secrets and is never permitted to leave the town.

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