Starry Sky Episode 24 English Subbed


Watch full Starry Sky Episode 24 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Starry Sky Episode 24 English sub streaming online. I Didn't Know Something Like a Strongly Shining Color Exists. Episode Sagittarius Part 2. Naoshi Haruki has been relentlessly pursuing Azusa to have him join the archery club and after much persistence, Azusa decides to make a deal with him, he will go and observe the practices under the condition that Naoshi finds what it is that Tsubasa never wears. Naoshi manages to find out what Tsubasa never wears and Azusa admits defeat therefore having to go and observe the practice. It is there that he meets Tsukiko and watches her form in archery. He comments saying that watching her was like seeing a new color in his world that never existed before thus deciding to join the archery club much to Miyaji's annoyance.

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