Super Friends 1980 Series Season 2 Episode 13-15 The Iron Cyclops / Palette's Perils / Colossus


Episode Title:
The Iron Cyclops / Palette's Perils / Colossus.
Episode Description:
The Iron Cyclops: Superman finds a mysterious purple ray that is lifting objects in downtown Metropolis. Batman uses the Justice League computer from the Hall of Justice to try to control the beam while Black Vulcan and the Atom joins Superman in Metropolis. They find out that the Iron Cyclops who is projecting the ray lives on a planet which has no gravity and he wants to steal the Earth's.
Palette's Perils: Wonder Woman and El Dorado responds a series of art gallery robberies in Metropolis. They confront John Palette, a painter whose invention can turn paintings of his design into real life monsters that can steal for him.
Colossus: Colossus, a reckless and destructive cosmic barbarian many times larger than the Earth, turns his attention to Earth's solar system. Apache Chief charges into action using a shrink ray to reduce the Colossus to ordinary Earth mortal size; Colossus then plummets to Earth. Still very strong, Colossus goes on a rampage and tries to destroy the Hall of Justice prompting Superman and Apache Chief to send him back to Space.

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