Team Galaxy Episode 5 - Intergalactic Ahoy!


You are going to Watch Team Galaxy Episode 5 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Team Galaxy Episode 5 Online Intergalactic Ahoy! In a prologue, Bobby’s team is abducted in outer space by an unseen force. Meanwhile, back at Galaxy High, Principal Kirkpatrick reveals to Josh, Brett and Yoko that the missing team was investigating a series of space hijackings when they themselves seem to have been hijacked. He sends our gang to check it out. After coming across the rival team’s disassembled and abandoned Hornet, the gang pieces together clues that lead them to a ragtag crew of space pirates. The pirates’ goal? To create a giant, indestructible pirate ship from the crafts they've hijacked, forcing the abducted crews to work as slaves to build it. When Josh’s team tries to save Bobby’s team (as well as other slave aliens), they too are captured by the pirates and put to work. Can Josh, Yoko, Brett and their classmates stage a mutiny and stop these cosmic pirates? In a b-story, Josh "borrows" Kirkpatrick’s deluxe personal hornet to test drive it on the mission.

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