The Addams Family 1992 Episode 3 - The Day Gomez Failed


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Episode Title:
The Day Gomez Failed.
Episode Description:
Feeling that he has done everything once, Gomez goes through his days uninspired. Morticia reminds him that everything in his life has been a success, and encourages him to fail at something. The plan backfires, though, because everything Gomez does results in a profit, earning a fortune in only six hours. Mr. Normanmeyer offers Gomez his ticket to failure, announcing his plans on using his land to complete a new freeway. Some time after signing the contract, the family is surprised to find out that part of the contract was demolishing the mansion with bulldozers. Although Gomez sees it as a friendly deed of Normanmeyer, he stops him, revealing that the house is built on a swamp and could therefore not be used for a freeway. Instead, the freeway is built on the Normanmeyer's land, much to their frustration. Meanwhile, Morticia reminds Gomez that he has failed in failing, and therefore succeeded in his plans.

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