The Addams Family 1992 Episode 5 - N.J. Addams


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Episode Title:
N.J. Addams.
Episode Description:
N.J. feels embarrassed by his parents' weekly speeches at school about underwear and gets scolded by his father for accidentally ruining an Egyptian underwear made from mummy wrappings. He is too afraid to admit that he does not want to take over his father's business one day. Instead of confronting his parents, he runs away from home. After explaining the Addams residence is the one place where he can be himself, Wednesday and Pugsley allow him to stay in a spare room. They make him look unrecognizable and introduce him as Mumbles Addams, a long lost cousin, at the Addams Family reunion organized by Gomez and Morticia. With N.J. missing, Norman and Normina arrange a search party to find their son. N.J. is initially delighted with the attention he is receiving, but soon finds out the relatives like Aunt Noggin and Uncle Cleaver are too odd for his taste when they fight over whose side of the family Mumbles is from. During a burst out, he upsets Uncle Frankus, an intimidating relative who soon starts chasing them after N.J. stated that he didn't want to sit near Uncle Frankus' mother. After he is saved by Wednesday and Pugsley and that Uncle Frankus just wanted him to apologize to his mother, N.J. is informed that it is all right to be different or not live up to people's expectations. N.J. has the courage to return home and his parents announce that they will be less hard on him in the future.

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