The Asterisk War Episode 11 English Dubbed


Watch full The Asterisk War Episode 11 English Dubbed streaming online. The Asterisk War Episode 11 English dub online for free in HD. Power and Its Price While searching for Saya, Ayato is met by Priscilla, who is being pursued by gamblers. Ayato helps Priscilla shake her pursuers. Irene arrives and tells Ayato that they are opponents for the next match. Irene attacks Dirk for failing to ensure Priscilla's safety as part of the contract, but her attack is rebuffed. Later that day, Ayato and Julis get invited to dinner at Irene and Priscilla's apartment. Irene tells Ayato and Julis her problem. Irene owes a massive debt to Dirk. She has been gambling at the casino to help pay it off. Later that night, Ayato sneaks into Claudia's apartment to ask about Irene's weapon. He learns that Ogre Luxes can change the wielder's personality.

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