The Fairly OddParents Episode 1 The Big Problem / Power Mad


You are going to Watch The Fairly OddParents Episode 1 online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Fairly OddParents Episode 1 Online The Big Problem / Power Mad. The Big Problem: Faced with the hardships of being little, Timmy wishes to become an adult, with unsatisfying results. Then, after being informed that Cosmo and Wanda will be reassigned to a new child since fairies can ONLY grant wishes to children, Timmy, with their help, must find his inner child in order to wish himself young again. Power Mad: Tired of his games being too childish, Timmy wishes for the most challenging video game ever. When Chester and A.J. come over unexpectedly, they end up transporting themselves into the game. Now, Timmy must enter the game himself and survive various levels of difficulty in order to reach his friends...

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