The Family-Ness Episode 2 Elspeth and Angus meet the Loch Ness Monster


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Episode Title:
Elspeth and Angus meet the Loch Ness Monster.
Episode Description:
The first story is where we first meet the Loch Ness monster - or rather the whole family. One day whilst Elspeth and Angus are playing down by the Loch side they spot a large mound, only it isn't a mound, it's Silly-Ness, who's always getting stuck in holes. For helping to rescue Silly-Ness, the Queen Nessy gives the children two "Thistle Whistles" (The thistle being the symbol of Scotland). When ever they need help they can just call on the Nessies. So they blow the whistles and we see just how many Nessies there really are in the Loch.

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