The Little Engine That Could 2011


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Episode Title:
The Little Engine That Could 2011.
Episode Description:
In DreamLand, Little E. wakes the control tower and the other dream hauler engines up, so she can start work while also dreaming of being a dream hauler. She comes by the birthday train, which consists of a locomotive named Red Engine #35 and a wagon containing a female clown named Beverly, a toy soldier named Major, a toy plane named Ace (who can fly), a ballerina doll named Jillian, two stuffed giraffes named Lou and Bud, and a sock monkey named Hudson. After finding the Caboose for the birthday train, she attempts to follow it to the real world but is stopped by the Tower. She then attempts to pull several boxcars to the Big Locomotive but ends up causing traffic for the other engines, with the Tower reminding her that she is supposed to pull one boxcar at a time due to her small size. She gets a little help from Rusty, an old and wise Engine...

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