The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 3 English Dubbed


Watch full The Promised Neverland Season 2 Episode 3 English Dubbed full HD online. The Promised Neverland Episode 15 English Dubbed online for free in HD. At the edge of the forest, the children part ways with Sonju and Mujika who gives Emma an amulet to remember them by. The children then head into a wasteland towards William Minerva's coordinates. Later, Sonju reveals to Mujika that he plans to eat the progeny of the children in the future if they breed and multiply. He then returns to the forest and kills the demons which had pursued the children, obliterating evidence of their passage. The children arrive at the coordinates, but see nothing. Ray uses Minerva's pen to locate an underground complex equipped with food, accommodation, and running water. The base has everything they need, including external surveillance cameras and the children realize that they could stay indefinitely. They also find a radio which they can use to monitor transmissions from the Houses. The children discover several secret passageways in the building, one behind a piano leading to a storage complex and one where the word "HELP" is scrawled across the walls. In one room they find a telephone, and when it rings, Emma answers the call and hears Minerva at the other end of the line.

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