The Proud Family Movie


Watch The Proud Family Movie online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie The Proud Family Movie.In the series finale, the day before Penny turns 16, her dad insists that she can't be a Spare Change dancer. However, Penny sneaks out of the house, and meets the rapper 15 Cent. Meanwhile, her dad failed to enter a snack academy. 15 Cent drives her home and Penny kisses him, and as her father yells, she's embarrassed. Penny is given the worst grounding she has ever received, and a rift begins between father and child, the culmination of the entire series. Her mom, Trudy, gives Penny the birthday present from her dad. All of a sudden, her family is invited on a cruise ship.

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The Proud FamilyThe Proud Family Season 3 Episode 11 Psycho DuckReport broken/missing video

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