The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 15 English Dubbed


Watch full The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 15 English Dubbed streaming online. The Rising of the Shield Hero Episode 15 English dub online for free in HD. Raphtalia. In the past, Raphtalia's home village was destroyed by the first Wave, and the villagers were enslaved by Melromarc troops. She and her best friend Rifana were sold to Idol Rabier. Raphtalia ultimately broke as Rifana died from illness and Rabier sold her to Beloukas, leading her to Naofumi. In the present, remembering her past, Raphtalia is about to strike when Naofumi reminds her how much she's grown. Realizing killing Rabier would bring her no peace, she spares him. Insulted, Rabier fights to kill her, but using her Mana Sword she wounds him, and he falls back out of a window. Helping Reichnott, Raphtalia guides them to the underground prison, finding demi-humans survivors; including her old friend Keel. Raphtalia breaks down upon finding Rifana's remains, left in the cell to rot, believing she abandoned her. To restore her spirits, Naofumi admits that he finally started to trust again because of her, and how she saved him from darkness. Reassured, Raphtalia promises to go home someday to rebuild and give Rifana a proper burial. In the courtyard, a still living Rabier frees a sealed away ancient Tyrannosaurus-like Dragon monster, which promptly kills him and heads for Naofumi.

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