The Seven Deadly Sins Season 2 Episode 24 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
As Long As You Are Here.
Episode Description:
Ban and Merlin sense something different about Meliodas while he overpowers Fraudrin and belittles him as a substitute Commandant. This forces Fraudrin to attempt a suicide attack that would destroy all of Liones, but seeing Griamore causes to realize he cares for the human despite pretending to be Dreyfus to conceal his presence. When Griamore grabs Fraudrin and erects a seal so only they die, the demon realizes what motivated Meliodas's betrayal in the past and ceases his attack while allowing Meliodas to kill him. Merlin explains the nature of Meliodas's curse to Escanor, that Meliodas loses some of his emotions each time he dies and revives being slightly regressed to his original self as a demon. Funerals are later held for the dead, with Bartra insisting that all past grudges cast aside for their survival. Meliodas is later found at the ruins of the Boar Hat by Elizabeth, who comforts him over how horrified he is from enjoying murdering Fraudrin. He also admits he is afraid of becoming his old self even though it means keeping Elizabeth safe from the Commandments. Merlin restores the destroyed city, and also reveals that all the humans enslaved by Zeldris’ commandment have departed for Camelot. Ban reveals that Elaine is still alive. Merlin reasons that Zeldris and Melascula must both still be alive along with Drole, Gloxinia and Estarossa. As Jericho inherited Gutav's ice magic, Gowther is released on probation. Meliodas decides all of the Seven Deadly Sins must go to war together while Elizabeth promises to always stay by his side.

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