The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice


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Episode Title:
The Snow Queen 3: Fire and Ice.
Episode Description:
The film is about the importance of family and helping. The Pirates, who are commanded by the Pirate Boss Lady, have robbed the bank of a small seaside town. Only one man resisted them who was nicknamed Rollan the Legend. Disarming him, the Pirate Boss Lady gave him the book "Legends of Trolls." Kai and Gerda are tired of wandering and go to visit Orm. There they meet Rollan and hear a legend about themselves. As a result Kai and Gerda quarrel. Kai together with Alfida (daughter of the Pirate Boss Lady) travel. Rollan told Gerda the legend of the Rock which fulfills wishes, and they go into the forbidden troll caves. Only after reaching their destination they learn that the stone is composed of two magic parts: Fire and Ice. By releasing these forces, they can become the perpetrators of a global catastrophe.

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