The Story of Cinderella Episode 4 English Dubbed


Watch full The Story of Cinderella Episode 4 English Dubbed streaming online. The Story of Cinderella Episode 4 English dub online for free in HD. The Horse. Cinderella goes out looking for Charles (who she thinks is name is Alex) because her stepmother wants to talk to the prince's page. While searching she learns that Charles is not the page at all. She thinks he is just a liar and avoids him. On her way home, Cinderella’s pets remind her that her stepmother has ordered to come positively with the page. As her situation worsens, Paulette, the fairy godmother, comes to the rescue using her magic to change a horse into Charles. Cinderella hurries home with the Charles, but soon after they get there, the spell wears off and the prince turns back into the horse. Scared of the horse, Cinderella's stepmother ties a carrot to the back of Cinderella's apron and sends her off running to the town with the mad horse chasing her. Charles saves her from this chaos and reveals his true name- and Cinderella tells him hers in return.

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