The Suicide Shop


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Episode Title:
The Suicide Shop.
Episode Description:
In a gloomy French city with a high suicide rate is a shop where you can find everything necessary to easily commit suicide in whatever manner you wish. This shop has been run by the Tuvache family for multiple generations and business is great until Lucrèce Tuvache gives birth to her third child, Alan. Even as a baby, he can't help but smile and his happiness infects the customers. This is in stark comparison to his depressed elder siblings who idealize death and often beg to be allowed to be kill themselves too. His father falls into a deep depression and takes to his bed. Alan and his classmates starts stopping some of his parent's customers from committing suicide. Alan asks his friend's uncle to build a car with a music centre so loud and powerful that it shakes all the supplies in the shop off the shelves and onto the floor where they are ruined and broken. Alan gets scolded by his mother, however a young customer who was there to buy his suicide supplies has met and fallen in love with Alan's sister Marilyn and propose to her then and there. Marilyn agrees to marry him and is happy at last. While they eat crèpes the new fiancee made them, Mishima comes out of the bedroom, attracted by the smell of crèpes. Angrily he demands explanations for the happiness of the family amid the wreckage of their shop and, when Alan admits being guilty, he chases after him with a sword in hand. On a roof of a skyscraper, Alan fakes suicide, throwing himself off the building. The family despairs and cry but Alan, with help from his schoolfriends, survives the jump, making his father laugh for the first time. The suicide shop becomes a crèpes shop.

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