The Twelve Tasks of Asterix


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Episode Title:
The Twelve Tasks of Asterix.
Episode Description:
After the Gauls have defeated a group of Roman legionaries once again two of them start to wonder whether the Gauls are actually human, since their strength is so extraordinary. They start to assume that they might be gods, giving a reason to the fact why they can never be beaten. The idea is suggested to Julius Caesar who remains skeptical but decides to travel to the Gaulish village and offers their chieftain Vitalstatistix a challenge. He gives the Gauls a series of 12 tasks, inspired by Hercules (but new ones, since the 12 Labours are outdated). Vitalstatistix assembles their best warriors, Asterix and Obelix, to do the job. The Roman Caius Tiddlus is sent along with them as a guide and referee.

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