The Wind in the Willows 1995


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Episode Title:
The Wind in the Willows 1995.
Episode Description:
Tired from spring cleaning, Mole ventures out of his hole for the first time and stumbles across a river and a new-found friend Ratty. The two friends enjoy themselves then call on Mr. Toad, who takes them for a trip on the open road by gypsy caravan until a passing motor car causes the caravan to crash and Toad to develop a mania for driving motor cars. Back at the riverbank Ratty gets a temporary phase of a desire to emigrate but Mole snaps him out of it. By Winter, Mole ventures and gets lost in the Wild Wood where he had hoped to make an acquaintance with Mr. Badger. Ratty finds Mole and the two friends come across Mr. Badger's house and he invites them in. After their enjoyed stay, the two friends head for home and Mole gets homesick from leaving his hole for too long, but Ratty comforts him with a visit to the place. When Springtime approaches, Mr. Badger confronts Toad to get him out of his obsession of motor cars which is squandering his father's inheritance money, but to no avail. Toad escapes his house, forcing Ratty, Mole, and Badger to go after him, and gets himself in trouble for stealing and crashing a motor car, and is sentenced 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, Mole and Ratty row in the river at night in search of Portly, who they later find with Pan. Eventually Toad is helped out of prison in the guise of a washerwoman by the Jailer's daughter. Lacking money, Toad hitches a ride on a train driven by a kind engine driver, who later helps him escape the police, who pursue him on a train. Soon Toad comes across a horse-towed barge owned by a fat barge woman. Having failed to do some washing up and being laughed at and thrown off by the barge woman, Toad steals her horse and rides off. When he reaches the road, he sees a motor car, carrying the very judge who sentenced him. The judge's driver invites Toad for a ride, but when he takes the wheel he crashes the car into a pond, and is once more pursued by the police. He falls into the river and swims to safety. Soon, Toad is united with his friends, but his home Toad Hall has been requisitioned by the Wild Wooders. Sneaking through an underground passage into Toad Hall, the four animals drive the Wild Wooders out and Toad reclaims his house, receiving a celebration for his return the next day.

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