The World's Greatest SuperFriends Episode 2 - Lex Luthor Strikes Back


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Episode Title:
Lex Luthor Strikes Back.
Episode Description:
Lex Luthor uses a projector ray (reverse camera) to disguise himself as Lois Lane in order to escape prison. He, with his assistant Orville Gump, hatch an elaborate plot to destroy the Super Friends. Luthor aligns himself with evil fire demons who originate from the Sun. They aid Luthor in capturing the Super Friends and placing them in death traps. The demons then change the color of the Sun from yellow to red, which cause Superman's powers to vanish. However, the Sun demons double-cross Luthor and he is trapped in a fire, so he has no choice but to free the Super Friends in an effort to save himself and Earth. The Super Friends perform rescues and put out the fires. Superman uses the Super-Mobile to chase the fire demons back into the Sun...which causes the Sun to return to its natural color...which restores Superman's powers. Luthor and his assistant are sent back to prison.

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