The Zeta Project Episode 10 - Taffy Time


Episode Title:
Taffy Time.
Episode Description:
Zeta and Ro are fleeing Agent West and Agent Lee. They are led into the Koala Candy Factory by a mysterious stranger. The stranger turns out to be Rohan Krick, a bounty hunter who wants to turn Zeta in for the reward money. Zeta escapes from Krick and gets Ro out of the factory before Krick activates a forcefield that traps Zeta inside. Agent Lee, however, had entered the factory. Krick finds her, and takes her hostage, threatening to kill her if Zeta doesn't reveal himself. Zeta helps Lee escape, and Ro finds a way back into the factory. Zeta and Ro defeat Krick, injuring his face. Agent Lee is reluctantly going to arrest Zeta, but West manages to get himself handcuffed to the railing, and Lee gratefully uses the excuse to let Zeta go. Lee begins to realize that Zeta is innocent.

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