The Zeta Project Episode 14 - Wired: Part 1


You will Watch The Zeta Project Episode 14 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Zeta Project Episode 14 Wired: Part 1 The NSA are catching up to Zeta and Ro. Bucky is trying to communicate with them, when his transmission is interrupted. Ro and Zeta are rescued by three hackers, Meg, Plug, and Buss. They all seem to be fans of Zeta, and Buss has an obsessive crush on Ro. Meg and Plug convince Zeta to allow them to take him apart and see how he works, and in exchange they will help him find Dr. Selig. Ro is reluctantly taken to Buss's house. Bucky manages to message Ro, warning her that Meg and Plug want to use Zeta for parts. Ro escapes to save Zeta, and Zeta manages to repair himself while Ro drives one of the hackers' motorcycles. However, the motorcycle runs out of power. The NSA capture Zeta, but Ro is saved by Buss. She is informed that the NSA plan to erase Zeta's memory.

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