The Zeta Project Episode 2 - His Maker's Name


Episode Title:
His Maker's Name.
Episode Description:
Zeta and Ro look for one of Zeta's creators, Dr. Aroyu, who now works at a Space Lab. They do not find Dr. Aroyu, but they escape from the NSA in a van of Spacies, futuristic hippies who protest the commercialization of Space. Ro goes with the Spacies to a protest at the Space Lab, when she sees Dr. Aroyu. She convinces Dr. Aroyu, who believes Zeta wants to kill him, to meet Zeta. However, when Zeta goes to meet Dr. Aroyu, he finds that he has walked into a trap set by Agent Bennett. Zeta saves Dr. Aroyu's life when the trap malfunctions, and the scientist helps Zeta to escape. Dr. Aroyu tells Zeta that the man he wants to find is Dr. Selig.

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