The Zeta Project Episode 25 - The Hologram Man


You will Watch The Zeta Project Episode 25 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons The Zeta Project Episode 25 The Hologram Man Though this is the second-to-last episode to air, chronologically it is the last episode of the series. Zeta and Ro enter a top secret NSA debriefing building where infiltration units report after each mission to compare his memory with the records from his last mission. They stumble upon Dr. Selig, who steals classified data and delivers it to Tidus Sweete, a high ranking soldier from the Brother's Day terrorist group seen in "Lost and Found". He tells Sweete that he doesn't want to continue, so Tidus pulls a gun on him. Zeta saves him while Tidus escapes, but discovers that "Selig" is actually Dr. Marcus Edmund, the man who built Zeta's holographic emitters. Dr. Edmund was forced into helping Brother's Day destroy the government's highest level synthoid lab, the Nosis, where Zeta was created and Selig works. With the aid of his personal holo-emitter, Ro and Zeta pose as one of Sweete's lackeys and Edmund, respectively. On the Nosis, Zeta and Ro meet Selig, and he reveals that he created the mysterious module in Zeta, which functions as a conscience. Agent Bennett overhears everything. Sweete sets off the bombs he planted, forcing an emergency evacuation. Selig and his assistant try to escape in a pod, but Sweete shoots it down, apparently killing them. Zeta and Ro board a pod and barely escape as the Nosis explodes. Though Zeta believes his creator to be dead, a mechanical hand emerges from the sea near the wreckage of Selig's craft, regenerating its flesh.

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