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Episode Title:
Eternal Immortality.
Episode Description:
As the heroes and Kaede mourn Kotetsu's apparent death, Maverick sends several more H-01 androids to attack them, but Saito manages to shut them down thanks to a safety mode implemented by Barnaby's parents. Having no further use of Dr. Rotwang, Maverick kills him, boasting that he will escape justice thanks to his reputation and NEXT power. However, Agnes, who recovered her memory when she saw Kaede use Maverick's power on television, reveals that she has been broadcasting Maverick's rant live. Exposed and cornered, Maverick takes Kaede hostage, but she is saved by Kotetsu, who had only passed out from the pain of his wounds. After revealing that he is not the leader of Ouroboros, Maverick uses his power on himself, leaving him in a stupor. Maverick is taken into custody, only to be killed by Lunatic. Kotetsu announces his retirement, with Barnaby deciding to retire too, so he can start his own life. A year later, Kotetsu, despite his further diminished power, returns to his hero duties. When he fails to catch a criminal, he falls through a glass roof of a car dealership building. Luckily, Barnaby returns in the nick of time and catches him before being smashed on top of a car. In an epilogue scene, a young boy who is about to purchase a hero trading card loses hold of a Stern dollar bill, which drops in a puddle of water revealing the Ouroboros logo hidden under the ink.

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