Tiger & Bunny: The Rising English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
Tiger & Bunny: The Rising.
Episode Description:
Taking place following the epilogue of episode 25, the people (aware of Tiger's identity as Kotetsu) of Stern Bild prepare to celebrate Justice Day, where a goddess brought justice to the people centuries earlier after bringing calamity to force the corrupt people to repent. Meanwhile, Apollon Media is bought by its new owner Mark Schneider, and to make some needed changes, he learns the hero division (specifically the Second League) is losing profits. As the Second League heroes poorly chase a purse snatcher, Barnaby arrives and swiftly ends the chase after Tigers crashes into a warehouse. While the main heroes stop a bank robbery, and Rock Bison is seen struggling to make it during the season (i.e. copying Sky High's signature pose, or Origami's photo-bomb style), Barnaby wants to go back to the First League so his abilities would be put to better use. Afterwards, Tiger & Bunny are called in by Schneider to be promoted back to the First League right away. At the promotion ceremony Barnaby is spotlighted, and when everyone else expects Kotetsu to appear, Schneider reveals he hired another hero, Golden Ryan, to replace him as he views Wild Tiger as past his prime. Kotetsu doesn't fight this decision as he doesn't want to hold Barnaby back from returning to the First League. On their first mission together, Ryan & Barnaby successfully keep a toppling tower from falling, but Ryan's use of his gravity powers kept the other heroes from helping at all.

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