To LOVE-Ru Darkness 2nd Episode 14 English Subbed


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Episode Title:
Bright future ~Thank You~.
Episode Description:
Haruna and Yui discuss the events with Ryouko. Tearju is also concerned that Darkness could destroy the town but Haruna reassures Tearju that Rito will save Yami. On the beanstalk, Mea, Momo, and Nana prepare for Rito's plan. By molesting Darkness on his own will, Darkness will mentally break down, crashing the transformation. At first, Darkness interprets Rito's plan as another accidental gesture, but when Rito lands in front of Darkness, he mimics the principal and thoroughly molests Darkness. Darkness becomes confused and goes berserk causing her transformation to wear off. One of Darkness's feathers sticks to Mea allowing her to see how Rito implanted that 'bug' on Yami. Rito continues to molest until he gets slapped with the "I hate ecchi" quote, indicating that Yami has awakened. Momo and Nana thank Rito while Mea welcomes Yami back. The next day, life returns to normal except for Lala who is still shrunk. At school, Yami apologizes to everyone about the incident; she also gives Lala a large supply of milk as an apology for making her shrink. Lala assures Yami that she will recover soon unlike Gid. However, Yami falls short of apologizing to Rito. The following night, Yami visits Tearju and Ryouko while Rito escapes from Zastin's curiosity over his method to defeat Darkness. As they both meet, Yami thanks Rito and was about to confess to him about her feelings but is interrupted by Rito's loud apology for molesting her. Yami stuffs him with Taiyaki leading to another incident. Yami denounces her ecchi while helping him get a drink, leaving Mea curious about Yami's heart. Nemesis is also disappointed as she hoped for the return of the Galactic Wars and their future as weapons. Mea invites Nemesis to the peaceful world but Nemesis instead will continue to observe from the shadows. Rito gets late for home and searches for Yami, who hides from him. Momo sees Principal frozen in ice on TV as a discovered yeti.

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