Toradora Episode 18 English Subbed


Stream anime episodes for free, you are watching Toradora Episode 18 English subbed online and free episodes. Anime Episode guide, Chapter Toradora Episode 18 English sub Under the Fir Tree With everything coming together for the Christmas party, Hisamitsu and Kōji continue to try and bring Taiga and Yūsaku together, annoying Ryūji. After everyone leaves, except Ami and Ryūji, Ami tells Ryūji that he should stop acting like a father for Taiga and let her inside his heart, which Ryūji misses the latter part. After everyone gets the Christmas tree set up, a ball flies and knocks it over, breaking the star Taiga gave to Yūsaku. The culprit for the accident turns out to be none other then Minori!

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