Total Drama World Tour Episode 19 Niagara Brawls


Episode Title:
Niagara Brawls.
Episode Description:
The contestants are seen being dragged to the cargo hold area while they are sleeping by the interns. While sleeping Owen has a nightmare about being shot out of the sky by Alejandro with candy canes. When Owen falls in his dream he wakes up and notices that he and everyone else have been dropped out of the plane. Owen wakes up the others and they notice while dropping, two swan paddel boats are also falling with them. They all get in the boats and land in the water, but soon realize they are heading to a water fall. While praying to live Cody says he will let Sierra kiss him, believing they are all going to die anyway. Sierra hears this and ties the boat together and paddles the boats to shore, where Sierra kisses Cody...

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