Tower of Druaga: the Sword of Uruk Episode 11 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
He Who Shoots the Gods.
Episode Description:
The battle between Neeba and the shadow of Gilgamesh ensues in the throne room. However, Neeba is defeated as soon as Jil and the other arrive too late. Jil is unable to take down this malicious shadow, being kicked around repeatedly. Henaro, somehow having control over Mite the Fool, retaliates and takes action on the shadow, but this damages her to the point of deactivation. Jil unties Kaaya from the wall where she was hanged. The decision battle begins as Jil charges at the shadow of Gilgamesh with full force. Just as the shadow of Gilgamesh prepares to kill Jil, Uragon stabs him through the chest, allowing Jil to finish him off. this also causes King Gilgamesh of Meskia to finally die. After the Succubus guilts Neeba into taking control, he shoots Henaro and obtains the blue crystal rod, which he uses to transform the Tower into its true purpose: a war machine for attacking the gods, and fires a devastating blast that breaks the land below.

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