Transformers Animated Season 1 Episode 12 - Survival of the Fittest


You will Watch Transformers Animated Season 1 Episode 12 online for free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream cartoons Transformers Animated Episode 12 Survival of the Fittest When Sari gets kidnapped by the Dinobots, Prowl and Bulkhead go to the island to find out what is going on. Captain Fanzone goes after them, suspicious of their reactions to this situation. It is on the island that, after teaming up, the trio encounter the Dinobots, who attack them. Prowl is naturally confused at this, until he discovers that they all have acid burns on their bodies. Worse, it is the work of Prometheus Black (AKA the acid-shooting Meltdown) who has forced the Dinobots to become his watchdogs, and wants to use Sari as part of his experiments to create a transforming human. His previous experiments having failed, Meltdown thinks that a still-growing human, as opposed to an adult, will have better results, and chooses Sari because he hates Sumdac. Bulkhead is heavily injured by Meltdown, and only Sari's key can save his life. So Prowl and Fanzone team up to release the girl, but they have first to fight Meltdown's mutant freaks (the mammal-like one was his lawyer). They take out Meltdown by wrapping him in a non-corrosive containment suit and, after the Dinobots take out Meltdown's mutants, return to the city, leaving the Dinobots on their island.

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