Trinity Blood Episode 21 English Dubbed


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Episode Title:
The Throne of Roses II. The Refuge.
Episode Description:
Colonel Spencer and Virgil discuss the situation revolving around the Methuselah rebellion. Meanwhile, the AX agents and Inquisitorial members have entered the Ghetto and begin their search for Pope Alessandro XVIII, who has become separated from Sister Esther and is alone. He finds himself in the residential area of the underground Methuselah city and, after fainting at the sight of a young girl named Angelica, is cared for by her and other vampires who are not a part of the rebellion and learns more about the situation of the Methuselahs in the city. Meanwhile, Esther is caught by Dietrich while searching for the Pope; he reveals that he has been preparing for the coming arrival of an angel and takes his leave. Angelica helps Pope Alessandro XVIII to gain confidence in himself and then shows him her 'secret place' that she had found earlier by accident, but Vanessa finds him there and captures him. Father Leon overhears that the Pope has been captured and is then aided by Peter and Wendy, who appear and reveal to him the whereabouts of the rebels' base. He starts to leave them for the location, but he returns to save them after they are attacked by some of Dietrich's Auto-Jägers. One goes after Esther as well, but Abel saves her and sends her back above ground.

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