Tropical-Rouge! Precure Episode 10 English Subbed


Watch full Tropical-Rouge! Precure Episode 10 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Tropical-Rouge! Precure Episode 10 English sub streaming online. Manatsu's friends postpone their club activities to study, with Manatsu revealing she is not good at it. Manatsu tries studying on her own, but finds herself struggling to do so. As such, her friends teach her how to study properly. At that moment, Chongire arrives and summons a stronger Yaraneeda variant called a Zenzen Yaraneeda to attack the school's yard. The girls transform to engage the enemy, but the monster proves to be a formidable foe which also overpowers Manatsu and drains her motivation. Laura's mermaid aqua pot also gets knocked away, forcing Laura to search for it, while Asuka, Minori and Sango try to awaken Manatsu to no avail. When the Zenzen Yaraneeda returns, the three remaining girls transform to engage it again, only to get overpowered by the foe. However, Manatsu stands up to Chongire for her friends and is thus re-energized and motivated once again. Laura also returns, having found her device, and gives the four Cures a new power; with that new power, the Cures execute Mix Tropical to finally defeat the monster. Afterwards, Manatsu reconciles with her friends and resolves to study harder with them, even though she reveals that she failed all of her school tests.

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