Trouble Chocolate Episode 13 English Dubbed


Watch full Trouble Chocolate Episode 13 English Dubbed streaming online. Trouble Chocolate Episode 13 English dub online for free in HD. Deborah VS Mecha-Deborah. When Mint and Crunchy Bug are watching a film of Deborah, Mint invented Mecha-Deborah to try to conquer Micro Grand Academy and then causes trouble in the campus. Soon it turns into a misunderstanding for the real Deborah since all the students think that the real one is causing the mayhem and Hinano suggests that both Deborah and the Mecha will have a contest to see who really loves Murakata. Just then, Mint appears and switch Mecha Deborah to full size to try and destroy the academy while carrying Deborah and Hinano. When Ghana and Cacao tries a "destruction spell" on the mecha, it unexpectedly makes the real Deborah grow big but their combat between the mecha and real Deborah is cut short when Hinano presses the switch behind Mecha Deborah making it normal size. But at least the latter enjoys being with the flat Murakata despite she's still big. "You're Welcome"

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