Trouble Chocolate Episode 18 English Dubbed


Watch full Trouble Chocolate Episode 18 English Dubbed streaming online. Trouble Chocolate Episode 18 English dub online for free in HD. Hinano, Burning in Club Activities! / One of us. Hinano, Truffle and Almond joined the Scientific Mission Attack Team or S.M.A.T for the 1st time and Murakata welcomes them, except Deborah tells him that the new members needs to be in a test to be qualified. Meanwhile, Cacao returns home after he bought many food except he got upset when Red Tea and Green Bean stole some of his food and during his meal, a flashback is seen that Hinano wants to join a club with Cacao, but the latter denies the offer making Hinano upset and even insults her catchphrase when she left. When Truffle is unhappy with the club since they only wait for things to happen, he decides to call his ninjas to create a commotion to make the S.M.A.T team useful. After a failure play of Truffle's ninjas, a chameleon monster named "I'm Sorry" has the power to shape-shift into people when it licks them. Later, the real Cacao was attacked by S.M.A.T who mistakes him for the monster and when Hinano noticed I'm Sorry(as Cacao) behind her, she hugs him who also mistakes it for the real Cacao. The real Cacao becomes so annoyed with Ghana and Mint's argument that he ate the chocolate and goes on a drunken magic frenzy but Hinano managed to find the real Cacao while I'm Sorry just revert to a card after it waves goodbye. After Cacao wakes up, he plans on joining S.M.A.T but Hinano says that she quits already. "You're Welcome" and "I'm Sorry"

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