Tugs Episode 10 - High Tide


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Episode Title:
High Tide.
Episode Description:
The Star and Zero Tugs each compete for a highly valuable steelworks contract. Big Mac is covered in coal dust from having worked all night so, after getting cleaned up, he and Warrior head to the docks. When they arrive they find Zebedee and Zak ready to leave with their loads of steel. Zebedee and Zak taunt the two Star Tugs but Big Mac isn't worried - he noticed Zak's engine is playing up, and it's not long before he and Warrior overtake them. Desperate not to lose the steel contract, Zak and Zebedee decide to take a shortcut through the canal - but they haven't considered the impact the high tide will have when Zebedee's high load gets too close to the railway bridge. Meanwhile, Top Hat, who is grudgingly doing Warrior's garbage collection while he's away, is travelling towards them with his car floats Frank and Eddie on each side as well as Lord Stinker.

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