Tugs Episode 13 - Bigg Freeze


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Episode Title:
Bigg Freeze.
Episode Description:
Hercules is bringing in the S.S. Vienna. But with Big City Port frozen over, the job needs to be done at sea. Ten Cents and Sunshine need to get fuel for Lillie Lightship so that she can guide in the ocean liner, but Zorran has the only available fuel barge and he refuses to let them have it. When they tell O.J., Sunshine remembers a spare light barge they can use, so they set off to find it. However, Zip and Zug were listening to them and thought they heard them say "something about fuel and beating Zorran to Vienna." They steal a fire barge and use it to trap Ten Cents and Sunshine at the quay. Meanwhile, Warrior is having trouble finding an empty garbage barge for Vienna to use...

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