Tugs Episode 8 - Up River


Episode Title:
Up River.
Episode Description:
Sunshine is helping Big Mac with the logging job but things go wrong when the logs pile up around him. To make matters worse, the logs catch fire and he cannot escape. Puffa, the steam locomotive, tells Ten Cents what has happened but he can't do anything either. Billy Shoepack turns up unexpectedly and offers to help. Big Mac wants nothing to do with Shoepack and his explosives, but Ten Cents begs him to give him a chance as the fire is getting worse. Big Mac reluctantly agrees as long as Shoepack only uses enough dynamite to free Sunshine. Sunshine escapes unharmed but the explosion has loosened the pile of logs to such an extent that they get swept away by the current, destroying everything in their path. Puffa returns and he hurries off to warn Uptown, where O.J., Top Hat and Warrior are working.

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