Viper`s Creed Episode 12 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Sekigan -blindness-.
Episode Description:
Saiki faces off against Ulla, who is piloting a Maneuver-Blade prototype that severely wounds him to the point that he is blinded. Because he can no longer see, Saiki asks Kariya to assist him in guiding him to the Daiva Broadcasting building by using his World War III-era Maneuver-Blade since Ulla seriously disabled his previous Maneuver-Blade. Ageha uses her skills to hack the controls of the Bugmechs from the military and uses them against Ulla. Jimmy is able to broadcast the real footage of the Hounds being shot to death by soldiers, turning the AGS security forces against the military before they could take over the Daiva Broadcasting building. In the course of events, Ulla is killed when Saiki guns him down. In the aftermath of events, Haruki appears before the AGS employees and takes over AGS as president and promptly changes the name to Daiva Security while his father, Fumihiko- retires to tend to the sunflowers. Kariya and Jimmy return to work as DS employees. Saiki, on the other hand, disappears from Daiva City with no one knowing where he is.

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