Viper`s Creed Episode 7 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Sōran -riot-.
Episode Description:
An anti-AGS riot turns sour when Rudra threatens to use force to quell the mob after a bombing incident is credited to theHounds, a group of supposedly anti-PMC terrorists. When mainstream news media claim that they were simply just extremists not out to kill, Haruki has doubts over the claims and visits Ulla Chiaki, the main leader of Hounds and a friend of Haruki who tells him that he and the others didn't plant the bomb in the mall. However, public pressure over pro and anti-Hound groups forces AGS to conduct an anti-terrorist mission. The Blademen are deployed to locate them, only for their systems to be hacked in order to give Ulla and the others the chance to escape.

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