Vividred Operation Episode 12 English Subbed


Watch full Vividred Operation Episode 12 English Subbed online for free in HD. Full HD Vividred Operation Episode 12 English sub streaming online. Vividred Operation. While the crow begins rampaging with her new-found power, Kenjirou deduces that Rei is still alive within the center of the Alone she has become. With the crow taking off to head towards the Manifestation Engine, Akane finds Rei's key, which she believes may hold the key to their victory. The crow arrives at Blue Island and starts draining energy from the Manifestation Engine, causing blackouts all over the world. Akane and the others soon arrive at the scene, with each girl giving their remaining suit power to help Akane break into the crow. Akane manages to reach Rei and together they dock to become Vivid Red, allowing them to overcome the crow's power and destroy her. After the battle, the mysterious being Kenjirou saw seven years ago appears, revealing Rei's world has been restored. Promising that they'll see each other again, Rei leaves Akane her scarf before heading back to her home. Some time after life returns to normal, Akane once again sees Rei.

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