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Episode Title:
For Example, That Kind of Fairytale.
Episode Description:
Takashi Haneda runs late for school, but he is distracted by Asuka Watarai, Naru Ohtori, Hiyoko Tamaizumi and Kobato Haneda along the way. Meanwhile, Shūsuke Chitose agrees with Karuo Karube about having a singles party at the bar, both of them failing to convince Kakeru Ohtori to use his connections to invite any attractive girls. Instead, Shūsuke and Karuo cover up the idea by planning a farewell party for Kinako Mochizuki before she takes her college entrance exams. Once Shūsuke and Karuo also invite Eriko Hino, who is a self-proclaimed party monster, Kakeru decides to attend as well. Elsewhere, Hayato Narita encounters Alice, who has trouble learning street lingo, when he passes by Martinez, who is selling jewelry. Hayato later talks to Harue Kasuga, who offers him to help her clean her crepe vending cart in exchange for a free crepe. After school, Takashi discreetly confesses his love for Asuka before she leaves with her friends.

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